Don't leave your wireless needs in the hands of just anybody, get Zimbel Audio.

High channel count RF frequency coordination and deployment is my passion.
Available for tours, one-offs, off-site frequency coordination and consulting on RF issues.

Zimbel Audio, the only Canadian Dealer of North Hollywood's Aurora Audio Products

Zimbel Audio Productions also offers sales of both Professional Wireless Systems (PWS) and Kaltman Creations’ Invisible Waves ™ and is also proud to be the Canadian manufacturer’s rep for Radio Active Designs.

Zimbel Audio – Exceptional Wireless Frequency Coordination

Do you hate dealing with wireless frequency coordination? What with “hits”, “drop-outs”, interference and other failures many people in the audio business have come to hate, fear or at least distrust wireless systems. This need not be the case. It has been my experience, that a properly set-up, and above all, properly co-ordinated wireless system can and will work as seamlessly and reliably as any wired system.

What’s the secret? Co-ordination. The fact is that ALL wireless systems used in professional audio interact with each other, regardless of brand, frequency band or who’s using it. The key to a successful deployment is making sure that all required frequencies will work together, and that requires a sophisticated computer program, a program that investigates EVERY frequency and how it interacts with EVERY OTHER frequency that will be in use or found in the venue.

I have been using a frequency co-ordination program of one kind or another on every event I have been involved in since mid 1992. In that 20 year period, I can not recall any wireless issue more serious than having to go to a pre-coordinated alternate frequency during set-up.

 What can Zimbel Audio Productions do for you?

Off site: Upon receipt of a complete list of the make, model and frequency range of every piece of RF gear in your venue / house-of-worship / studio, I will produce a co-ordinated frequency plot, based on your location, including active off-air television frequencies. Assuming that there were co-ordination issues with your set-up, this is quite often all that needs to be done and your RF problems will cease once the co-ordinated frequencies are programmed into your wireless units.

On-site: If a site visit is necessary or desired, I will perform such spectrum analysis scans as required and then produce a co-ordination as described above.

Pre-Production: If you are heading out on tour, I can produce a co-ordination plan for every stop on the tour, given your itinerary and the complete list of wireless equipment as in #1. This would include co-ordinated spare frequencies.

Emergencies: If you are at an event and having major RF problems, you can send me the information listed above and I can have a co-ordination back to you within an hour.