Aurora Audio has chosen Zimbel Audio to be their sole Canadian representative.

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This decision was based on Geoff’s insistence that Aurora Audio have a repair capability up here that he could trust, prior to committing to the Canadian market.

If you are not familiar with the Aurora Audio product line, please take some time to look over their web site and let me know if you have any questions. I did have a chance to listen to a GTC-2 compressor (as seen above) in the shop and it sounded absolutely gorgeous.  Prices start at $1000 USD for the GT8X2, an 8 x2 line mixer while another very exciting piece is the “Stinger” at $1595 USD

If you’re looking for a great box for both gigging and home/studio recording, look no further.

Contact Zimbel Audio Productions about Aurora Audio, Radio Active Designs, Professional Wireless, and Kaltman Creations for product sales information.

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Featured Radio Active Designs

 Wireless Solutions for a Changing World

V-8 VHF Antenna Splitter sales and service - Zimbel Audio

V-8 VHF Antenna Splitter

“The Radio Active Designs V-8 is a VHF antenna splitter designed to work with the UV-1G receivers. The V-8 receives signals from the VHF antenna input and splits the RF signal to eight outputs.”

– Radio Active Designs

UV-1G Wireless Intercom System sales and service - Zimbel Audio

UV-1G Wireless Intercom System

“Radio Active Designs has introduced the production community’s first ever Enhanced Narrow Band™ wireless intercom system. …with the audio characteristics one would expect from a traditional FM system.”

–Radio Active Designs

TX-8 Transmitter Combinersales and service - Zimbel Audio

TX-8 Transmitter Combiner

“The Radio Active Designs TX8 transmitter combiner may be used on the transmit side of the UV-1G wireless intercom or on any UHF in ear monitor system.”

–Radio Active Designs

Zimbel Audio Productions also offers products from Professional Wireless Systems (PWS) and Kaltman Creations

“PWS has grown to become one of the industry’s leading experts in supplying and supporting wireless systems for live and broadcast events. As a wholly owned subsidiary of Masque Sound, PWS specializes in developing new gear and delivering advanced solutions for the many events and productions that are increasingly raising the demands of RF equipment.”

“Kaltman Creations’ Invisible Waves ™ brand provides total solutions for pro audio wireless coordination, interference avoidance, and troubleshooting.esigned by pro audio engineers for pro audio engineers, each Invisible Waves ™ product is guaranteed to improve your production quality and provide peace of mind…”

Featured PWS


Featured Kaltman Creations Products

Featured PWS &
Kaltman Creations Products


Microphone Multicouplers sales and service - Zimbel Audio

Microphone Multicouplers

“The DB Series Multicouplers are receive antenna distribution products featuring custom RF filters, variable attenuation controls for each input, dual redundant internal power supplies and built-in self-protecting bias power supplies for remote line amps.”


Helical Antenna sales and service - Zimbel Audio

Helical Antenna

“PWS Helical Antennas are part of a new generation of antennas that provide greater bandwidth, longer range, greater reliability and more flexibility than other antennas. ”


Invisible Waves RF-Res-Q sales and service - Zimbel Audio

Invisible Waves RF-Res-Q™

“This is the breakthrough solution to the RF congestion and “spectrum squeeze” issues that have plagued the pro audio industry in recent years.”

– Kaltman Creations

RF‐Vue Tablet Spectrum Analyzer sales and service - Zimbel Audio

RF‐Vue™ Tablet Spectrum Analyzer

“The RF-Vue™ is the world’s first tablet RF analyzer for pro audio wireless, and is ideal for RF wireless installations, live events, site surveys, and general RF troubleshooting.”

– Kaltman Creations

Equipment Repair and Service Are Available by Request

Repair and upgrading of professional audio equipment on a case-by-case basis. Feel free to e-mail me if something breaks. Specialties include Neotek, MCI, Neve VR Series consoles, Midas live sound consoles, dbx compressors, Tube Tech products and many others.