Ike Zimbel

Zimbel Audio Productions


High channel count RF frequency coordination is my specialty and my passion, 30 to 200+ channels. I am committed to the idea that wireless mics etc. can work flawlessly on every event.

I am a 35-plus year veteran of the audio industry. During that time I have worked extensively as a wireless microphone technician and coordinator, live sound engineer, recording studio technician, audio supervisor for TV broadcasts and have managed manufacturing and production companies. Zimbel Audio Productions specializes in wireless frequency coordination and offers pro audio equipment repair and modifications on a per request basis.

I am recognized as an authority on Neotek audio consoles and is a frequent contributor to the Neotek mailing list.

I have dual US-Canadian citizenship with valid passports and can work in either country.

If you have RF needs and or issues, give Zimbel Audio Productions a call!


  • 0,148 Fans, 15º F, and 2 RF Coordinators for ’17 NHL Centennial Classic


  • Ike Zimbel Joins Radio Active Designs As Manufacturer Rep For Canada


Zimbel Audio has also worked alongside

Air Canada Center •  BMO Field • The NHL • Dome Productions